Does JMSC POS verify Age of Customer before selling any tobacco or liquor product?

Yes, it has the feature of an ID check Requirement for selling any products which are related to tobacco or liquor products.

What about my data?

Your data can be secured with an easy Backup feature – Hourly, Daily, Weekly, On-Demand. Additionally you can have cloud backup service also.

Can I print my own Price Labels for Items?

Yes, You can print Item labels with Barcode for any Product you want.

What if I got stuck on any screen on POS?

You have 2 options for that:

  • You can call the support department to help you on 812-567-2767.
  • You can see the videos on how to work on any screen.

Can I connect a credit card payment device to a POS?

Yes, you can connect PAX S300 & PAX Q30 Device to JMSC POS.

Can I connect the weight scale with JMSC POS?

Yes, you can connect the Weight Scale with JMSC POS. Consult the Support help for that.

Can I connect a professional camera to track all activities?

Yes JMSC POS has the feature to connect to the Professional cameras to track & Record every activity.

Do I have to manage Tax Reports or Accounting reports?

No, JMSC POS will prepare reports based on your sales for your Taxation or Accounting purpose.

Does JMSC POS alert me on low stock situations?

Yes, JMSC POS can alert you or make a list of low stock products in your store.

Does JMSC POS track loyal/regular customers and provide them loyalty points?

Yes, we can run and track our own loyalty program and provide discounts to our regular customers.