I like JMSC POS, but do not know from where to start? what should I do next?

That’s great. Please call us on 888-567-2767 or book a demo form here: https://jmscpos.com/request-a-demo/

I have more than one store, will JMSC POS work for me?

Yes, we have a feature to maintain one main head office and other stores in a different location.

I live in a remote area of the USA, will JMSC POS provide support and service here?

Yes. We have an excellent sales and support system, which will allow us to serve any small to mid-size retail stores in the entire USA.

I am already comfortable with my current POS system? is JMSC POS really a better option?

Yes, it’s a very user-friendly and feature-rich POS system that will definitely help your business. Please call us at (888) 567-2767 and schedule your online demo to learn more about JMSC POS and we are sure it will worth it for your business.

Can I operate JMSC POS through my mobile?

Yes, you can update/Manage inventory and see Reports also remotely.

There are so many POS systems available in the market, then why should I go with JMSC POS?

A. JMSC POS has a User-friendly interface. (most of our customers are saying so)

B. JMSC POS can earn for you via Enrolling Scan Data Program

C. JMSC POS always gets updated with the new requirement in the retail market

D. Excellent support and after-sales service

What are the other special features in JMSC POS?

A. Scan Data

B. Mobile Application

C. Automatic Purchase order

D. PDF Import for Purchase order

E. In-Built Loyalty

F. Gift Card and many more.

Please click here for more details

Is it compatible with my existing hardware?

Yes, if you have your own hardware then we can install JMSC POS on it. You just need to pay for a software and database license. However, a dated system with less memory and space will not allow us to install and use our software on it. Please check if your hardware has a compatible configuration like 8GB RAM, i3 or greater processor, Windows 10, etc.

How much amount I need to pay every month?

There is no monthly charge to use JMSC POS. Its a lifetime license to use JMSC POS software. However, you need to pay $395.00/yearly for a support package if you want to get all future software updates, training, common POS problem solving, etc.

Do I need to pay any extra fees for installation?

No, there is no charge for Installation. However, if you keep changing your hardware frequently and request the same installation on a new system, there is a charge of $100.00 for installation. JMSC POS installation team will access your computer remotely and will install the POS.