Lottery Sales Tracking SystemJMSC Lottery® Sales Tracking System is the complete solution for small to medium sized retailer that automates repetitive and tedious tasks of finding accurate daily sales history of different type of instant lottery tickets at end of day. Manually creating such type of sales history takes several hours per day, which will not give you 100% guarantee of accuracy. JMSC Lottery® Sales Tracking System provides you fast and simple way to generate sales history within 2 to 3 minutes per day. JMSC Lottery® Sales Tracking System is PROVEN to drive real accuracy in sales when used by retailers for selling instant lottery.

JMSC Lottery® Sales Tracking System is a quite straight forward, inexpensive lottery sales tracking software application – Lottery Management System / Software. It automates all operations of selling, purchasing and inventory control of instant lottery tickets with rates of individual game sales. This Instant Lottery Tracking System / Software is packed with handy features such as– drop management, online payout, instant payouts, and purchase orders management with rich comprehensive reporting options and sales history.

JMSC Lottery® Sales Tracking System
is designed to empower Lottery Sales by simplifying control of retailer business and maximize Instant Games sales. It gathers data of instant and online games sales and payouts. JMSC Lottery® Sales Tracking System recommends ticket purchase orders that will maximize sales by ensuring that the best-selling games are on display, and sufficient tickets are ordered to avoid stock outs.

JMSC Lottery® Sales Tracking System provides for point-of-sale ordering and tracking, ticket inventory at retail. JMSC Lottery® Sales Tracking System has easy-to-use reports that give lottery management the ability to collect valuable data to make informed strategic business decisions.

JMSC Lottery® Sales Tracking System will streamline the performance of your sales and purchasing of instant lottery tickets through built in features and advanced reporting. Also included is a fully-featured Knowledge Base,which allows you to find answers to common issues quickly and easily, in turn freeing you for more critical business-related issues.

Benefits of using JMSC Lottery® Sales Tracking System

Easy To Use: JMSC Lottery® Sales Tracking System powerful yet easy to use, and requires less data entry. Just by scanning ending no of lottery game book at end of shift of employee. System will automatically take ending series number of previous date as beginning number of today, and automatically calculate sales history for particular that day. Thereby, no need for any extraneous data entry, as well as sales and inventory of instant lottery can be easily maintained.

Instant Ticket On-Hand Summary: JMSC Lottery® Sales Tracking System gives you a complete idea of what you have in your– Inventory, Instant Lottery Tickets In Display, Customer Sales Of Each Game, Online Ticket Sold, Online Payout, Online Cancel And Instant Payout.

Avoid Stock Outs: The JMSC Lottery® Sales Tracking System suggested order measures the rate of sales of all lottery games, and generates a purchase order that will ensure adequately stocked inventory for a particular period of time.

Best Selling Games on Display: JMSC Lottery® Sales Tracking System ensures that the best-selling games will always be on display!

Make Fast Decisions: With the use of reports generated on the lottery Games, the retailer is able to make decisions for purchase, and from “tracking analysis” of previous sales history,the retailer can maximize lottery sales. Therefore, Retailer can easily analyze strengths and weaknesses of his business model.

Provides Quick Analysis To Retailer: By following the recommended order of instant tickets retailer can increase the number of games in hand. Retailer can easily notice the highest Week Of Sales. Can easily take decisions – “Which instant tickets’ purchase should increase for particular time”, and “which instant tickets’ purchase should decrease for particular time”. This way retailer can minimize or prevent any inventory loss.

Prevents Employee Theft: When retailer purchase lottery game books, he can make entry of each game book in software so that the retailer can keep track of inventory of tickets after selling or purchase. Thereby, the retailer can also prevent employee theft if employee sells lottery ticket without entering detail in system, which can be easily tracked by the retailer.

Features :

  • Touch Screen Compatible
  • Laser Bar Code Scanner
  • Complete On Screen Help
  • Sophisticated, Employee Shift Wise Management To Operate Ticket Selling
  • Extensive and Rich Reports
  • No Need To Take Backup Manually – When You Close Software It Automatically Takes Daily Backup
  • Generate Automated Purchase and Manual Purchase Order Instantly
  • Customize User Security Levels and Control