JMSC POS & Inventory Tracking System

JMSC POS & Inventory Tracking System

JMSC POS & Inventory Tracking System

JMSC POS® system is built ground-up using innovative technology for creating ideal business systems for retail enterprises.

Change the way your point of sales terminal provides services to the customers of your store! With powerful retail technology at the core of our system, revolutionize the way your store functions! User-friendly touch screen displays now fully-integrated into the JMSC POS® System helps increase competitive edge, reduce inventory delays, improve sales, maximize productivity, and enhance the customers’ experience across all retail and hospitality environments!

Customized By Retailers, For Retailers!

Since 30 years, we have been running Convenience & Liquor stores in the United States. Our experience in the retail business has lent us an upper hand in understanding the intricate nuances faced whilst running a retail store. We have personally faced and learnt from the challenges faced by retail business owners. With a unique understanding of user requirements, We have developed and designed our own Point Of Sale System and Inventory Management System with complete functionality based on actual needs of any retail business. Our firm belief stems from the fact that quality support is the key to success!

JMSC POS® system is built ground-up using innovative technology for creating ideal business systems for retail enterprises. By providing a powerful yet easy-to-use, cost-saving capability far beyond that you can expect from conventional cash register or generic point of sale systems and software applications. Our POS system is powered for capturing and utilizing sales information as well as develop strategies for spearheading you ahead of the competition. It increases efficiency and improves accuracy, lower operating costs and manages your inventory by reducing theft & losses, and zero stock situations.

JMSCPOS System can be used for Convenience Store, Liquors Store, Tobacco Store, Grocery Store and Retail Businesses. We provide POS System in entire USA including Illinois, Tennessee, New Jersey, Georgia, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Florida, Washington, Wisconsin.

Why Choose JMSC POS & Inventory Tracking system

Scan Data

Our one of the most praised features, which has been integrated with a view to make your investment earn for you with each passing day. With a lot of companies rolling out reward policies & schemes for their loyal retailers, the Scan Data function earns back for you with each sale you make.

The Scan Data function makes available part of your sales data, which is particularly only the sales figures for trend analyses and studying for companies such as Philip Morris, RJ Reynolds, etc. JMSC POS is certified with major companies for Scan Data. These companies provide motivational incentives for providing such sales trends data at regular intervals. Such data is asked for, to improve their production & delivery timelines to various regions as well as restructure any or all sales promotion-based activities for further driving up their sales. The benefits of these reports, which need to be sent regularly, is reflected in your bank accounts through our Buy Down function!

JUUL RACS Compliance

Retailers that sell JUUL products in the future will be required to have a POS system that is a RACS-compliant system. Great News!!! JMSC POS is JUUL RACS compliant system. So be assure there will be no issues with JUUL products.

JUUL Labs is partnering with retailers to support adoption of our Retail Access Control Standards (RACS) program, a solution to prevent under age access. These standards automate the transaction from beginning-to-end to ensure JUUL products are sold to verified legal-aged purchasers only. Whenever a transaction contains JUUL products, JMSC POS system will require I.D. scanning to verify age & I.D. validity; and limit the amount of product that can be purchased; and prevent manual override by the retail clerk.

RACS-certified retailers must use a RACS-compliant POS system like JMSC POS. JMSC POS has software features that detect JUUL products scanned during a transaction, and ensure transactions cannot be completed unless the above criteria are met.

Gift Card

Every store now needs to come up with something new on offer to retain its loyal customers, or better get newer customers to stay in business. Nothing beats the classic style of making a sale with bargains of customers’ favorite products time and again! Yet today, gifting remains the most tried and tested way to please your friends, family, colleagues, or your special loved one!

Customers now face a more difficult scenario of gifting than before. Choices of type, color or size of products differs between people. That’s why people now like to gift a coupon or rather a gift card such that the recipient may themselves go and get what they would like and keep it forever!

As a store owner, it is imperative that you need to provide such customers with gift cards for them to gift someone! However, Every store needs to have a tie up with another company which incurs transaction fee payable to such companies for them providing support for processing gift cards. This means your Customer would be charged or levied these extra charges as applied by other gift card supporting companies else you would be making a loss, wouldn’t you!?

With our JMSC POS software, you can forget about creating, distributing, tracking and processing such gift cards anymore! All of this and much much more functions are already pre-built into our software! All you need to do is simply select how many gift cards need to be printed and our software will do the rest! That’s It! Call us to know more details about such fantastic features built into our leading JMSC POS software NOW!

Automate Purchase Order

Entering a Purchase order has to be one of the most boring and non-productive tasks in a business. Agree? Well don’t worry, we are here to save the day.

Over the years we have designed our POS system with a vision that it should automate as many non-productive tasks as possible. So a business owner can focus on key areas of his or her business and grow the business. Following that ritual, we present you our new Purchase Order Feature. Now, with this feature, you just have to upload EDI or PDF file of your purchase invoice into the JMSC POS software. And it will automatically generate purchase order. So the task that was taking couple of hours earlier, will now be completed in less than 5 minutes. Sounds Great, isn’t it? We have many such features in JMSC POS to make your business easy. To know more about JMSC POS, Request a Demo today.

Cash Discount

JMSC POS® has the optional, free features of charging either a cash price or credit card price when a credit card is used by your customer. By charging a different credit card price, you will offset your merchant services fees, saving you thousands of dollars every year. Use your saved revenue to bring more customers in store to increase business.

Grow your business with our Cash Discount Program:

  • Low Price: With our Cash Discount program you can eliminate card-processing fees. So you can offer products with reduced prices.
  • Absolutely Legal: Offering cash discounts is legal in all states
  • Get Attention: Attract more customers with SALE in your store. Getting more customers in store will increase profitability for sure.
  • Instant Cash: With a cash discount offer, if a customer buys with Cash, you can get funds instantly.

Features that makes JMSC POS stand apart from the rest:

Online Training and Help by Experts

Preloaded Database

Customize User Security Levels & Control

Generate Automated & Manual Purchase Order

Buy Down, Deals, Loyalty

NVR text insert & NVR Playback (With Compatible NVR)

Email Notifications for inappropriate actions by employee

Remote Access

Easy Backup

Online Training and Help by Experts

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How we will help you grow your business:

  • Maximize Productivity and Profitability
  • Provide Real-TimeData for Cash and Inventory Management
  • Speed-Up your Checkout which frees up the queue & provides more time to focus on growing business
  • Make Quick, Informed Decisions
  • Offer Superior Customer Services
  • Minimize Labor Costs
  • Reduce Inventory Costs and Out Of Stock Situations
  • Integrate Credit Card Processing
  • Increase Speed of Customer Service
  • Increase Accuracy of Orders
  • Use Video Surveillance to Prevent Theft
  • Control Prices, Purchasing and Inventory
  • View & Analyze Past, Current Data
  • Stay Prepared for Future Sales using the Built-In Trend Analysis & Stock Predication Calculator
  • Pull Detailed Sales and Inventory Information
  • Set Monitoring Policies and Procedures for Store
  • Improve Job Satisfaction Levels of Retail Sales Associates
  • Get Employees Trained Quickly And Easily
  • Easy-To-Use Interface
  • EDI – Electronic Data Interchange Support

We offer POS System and Support across all over USA. We are always here to serve you. Just give us a call and book your JMSC POS system today.