Scan Data Services by JMSC POS

Other Benefits of Scan Data Program:

Multi Pack Promotion / Loyalty and Loyalty Plus Program

Participating in the Philip Morris/RJ Reynolds/JUUL/ITG Brands Loyalty and Loyalty Plus Program?

Make it easy with JMSC POS.

Get into Philip Morris/UST, RJ Reynolds, JUUL, ITG Brands Loyalty and Loyalty Plus program and benefit your loyal customers with multi-pack promotion, Loyalty and Loyalty Plus program offered by Philip Morris, RJ Reynolds, JUUL, and ITG Brands.

Participate in manufacturer programs using JMSC POS built in Loyalty and Loyalty Plus system. It’s easy!

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Our one of the most praised features, which has been integrated with a view to make your investment earn for you with each passing day. With a lot of companies rolling out reward policies & schemes for their loyal retailers, the Scan Data function earns back for you with each sale you make.

The Scan Data function makes available part of your sales data, which is particularly only the sales figures for trend analyses and studying for companies such as Philip Morris, RJ Reynolds, JUUL, ITG Brands etc. JMSC POS is certified with major companies for Scan Data. These companies provide motivational incentives for providing such sales trends data at regular intervals. Such data is asked for, to improve their production & delivery timelines to various regions as well as restructure any or all sales promotion-based activities for further driving up their sales. The benefits of these reports, which need to be sent regularly, is reflected in your bank accounts through our Buy Down function!

But many other POS systems don’t offer this service, so you have to be limited with extra earning and incentives.

Thankfully, with JMSC POS, your scan data can be easily shared with them. Many companies like Altria, RJ Reynolds, JUUL and ITG Brands make use of this data to improve their inventory process and to gain insight into what is selling and what is not. In return, they offer you discounts that can be passed right back to your customers, allowing you to be more competitive in your pricing.

And there are even more than financial incentives. Vendors often use the data to help you with reordering and maintaining sponsored promotions. Start taking advantage of this great opportunity for more profit. JMSC POS submits the necessary data for you to comply with the program requirements.

We collect $350 yearly per store for providing this service. Though you may earn much more using this service.

* To use our Scan Data service, you need to have JMSC POS yearly support package active.


A revolutionary feature that will change the way do Business.

Now no need to worry about applying Buydowns, Deals, and loyalty programs to your POS system. To make it easy for you JMSC POS collaborated with Altria and launched our new AGDC API service. With this feature, you will be able to apply all the Buydowns, deals, and loyalty with just one click. Not only, that this feature is absolutely free for all the users who are part of our Scan Data program. Amazing isn’t it? Here’s how AGDC API will benefit your business.